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JALSOFT is a High-Tech company and we focus on the "3D experience" service; With Dassault System's excellent technology platform, we provide a brand-new virtual experience world to the customers. We are going to subvert the original product designing, manufacturing and supporting here, we can give full play to the imagination, and achieve real sustainable innovation.

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工业物联网(IIOT)正在改变工业流程,以及所涉及的人们的日常生活。通过利用更高智能、自动化和精确等级的计划、制造和分销信息,IIoT加速了明智业务决策的制定。全 more


“2018智能制造创新发展高峰论坛暨工信部智能制造驱动企业转型升级巡讲”活动将于12月28日在柳州华美达酒店隆重举行。 智能制造是工业4.0的核心,“工业4.0”是以智能制 more
General software
Photoshop IllustratorAcrobatIndesign
CAD Industrial Design
AutoCAD、Catia、Alias、Mentor pads、Mentor Expedition
CAE Simulation Analysis
CATIA、Moldflow 、ABAQUS 、 DynaForm 、C3P、SLM
PLM Management
Independent Product
CATIA mold design guidance system
Value Added Services
CATIA two development CATIA/Abaqus use training

Household Appliance

Hisense Electric choose Dassault SYSTEMES (3DS) ENOVIA version 6 (V6) software tools, and on the platform of 3D experience of product development, design, production of collaborative innovation.

Electronic Equipment

Microsoft mobile device group is responsible for the company's equipment market strategy, including the Lumia extraordinary series, NOKIA mobile phones and mobile phone accessories. Senior solution delivery manager, senior engineer, Microsoft market, prod

Transportation & Mobility

Tesla Motors has been working to change the world's view of electric vehicles. Headquartered in Palo Alto, California,, Tesla Motors by some of Silicon Valley Engineer in 2003 founded, aims to prove that "electric cars in the spring, just because som

Industrial Equipment

TECH Co. LTD ASIA was founded in 1945, is the first agricultural machinery manufacturers in Korea and the development of modern agriculture. It has introduced economic and practical products to lead the local agricultural machinery industry to adapt to th

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